Open letter: Stop the anti Trade Union Bill

To sign your name to this open letter please email ourrighttostrike[at]

The full extent of the attack on our rights by the Tory anti Trade Union Bill is becoming clear. Not just introducing hypocritically high strike ballot thresholds (which most politicians wouldn’t pass in elections) whilst refusing to consider workplace or online balloting, the bill seeks to criminalise effective picketing, remove our political funds and even stop unions using social media. We cannot stand for these unjust laws.

Right to Strike is building a campaign across the labour movement to kill the bill or break the law. We will fight injustice by standing united across unions and campaign groups.

Every big step forward by the labour movement has been won by vibrant, bold and militant action. We stand in the tradition of the Tolpuddle martyrs, the miners, anti apartheid campaigners and the Pentonville dockers. Collective action of workers has given us weekends, maternity leave, sick pay and an end to child labour. No wonder they want to take it away.

We aren’t just fighting to stop the proposed anti trade union bill. We also want a bill of workers’ rights. This should include:
– A legal right to strike, including to take solidarity action with other workers and political action to fight injustices across society
– Control over how and when we ballot and strike
– A living wage, decent pension and job security with guaranteed hours for all

On Monday 14 September we will be protesting outside parliament at 6pm – Don’t Let the Tories Bury Workers Rights!

(All signatures in a personal capacity)

Ruth Cashman, Lambeth Unison and Right to Strike

Ian Hodson, President of Bakers Food and Allied Workers union

Tosh McDonald, ASLEF President

Roger McKenzie, Assistant General Secretary of Unison

John Burgess, Barnet Unison branch secretary

Steven Ellis, Birkbeck Unison branch secretary

Tim Nelson, North Somerset Unison Rep, Vice Chair

Louise Branch, North Somerset Unison Rep, Equalities Officer

Hazel McPherson North Somerset Unison Rep

Hayley Garner, Southampton Unison branches secretary

Ian McNee, Chair, University of Wolverhampton UNISON

Marshajane Thompson, Havering UNISON branch secretary

Sean Fox, Joint Branch Secretary Haringey Unison and NJC member

Edd Mustill, Unite young members officer, University of Liverpool

Grace Lally, Unite Community

Maria Exall, CWU Greater London Combined, branch secretary

Janine Booth, Secretary, Central Line East RMT branch

Daniel Randall, RMT London Transport Region Young Members’ Officer

Joyce Sheppard Thorne, Doncaster former Women Against Pit Closures activist

Anthony Blakesley, Chair of Equity South Yorkshire

Neil Carbutt Secretary FBU South Yorkshire

Professor Gregor Gall, Professor of Industrial Relations, University of Bradford

Harry Paterson author, Nottingham author of Look Back in Anger: The Miners’ Strike in Nottinghamshire

Professor Ralph Darlington, Professor of Employment Relations, University of Salford

Jim Shepherd, barrister

Nick Toms, barrister

Liam Conway, National Union of Teachers (NUT) National Executive Committee

Ian Leaver, NUT NEC

Patrick Murphy, NUT NEC

Rob Lugg, BECTU Steward and former Ritzy Striker

Alastair Crabtree, BECTU Steward

Beth Redmond, National Union of Students NEC

Sahaya James, National Union of Students NEC

Hannah Webb, National Union of Students NEC

James Elliott, National Union of Students NEC

Rachael Ward, London Young Labour Exec, London Co-op Youth Rep, (Unite)

Vijay Jackson, Chair of Unite Community (Sussex Coast branch) and Secretary of Hastings Youth Council

Bianca Todd, Community Court Yard (Ron Todd’s granddaughter)

Mel Hepworth former striking miner and founder of the 30th anniversary of the miners strike Facebook page.

Bob Burnett former striking miner and former President Barnburgh N.U.M Yorkshire

Ken Capstick former Vice-President Yorkshire N.U.M

Joe Henry former striking miner from “Still the Enemy Within’

Mike Simons Executive Producer of ‘Still the Enemy Within’

Ian Isaac former striking miner South Wales

Kay Sutcliffe, Kent, former Women Against Pit Closures activist

Mike Jackson, Co-Founder of Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners (London) 1984/5

Jane Connor, Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners

Ray Godspeed, Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners

Mike Rowley, Labour Councillor and Cabinet Member, Oxford City Council

Tom Miller, Labour Councillor, Brent Council

James McCash, London Young Labour Executive

Rachel Ward, London Young Labour Executive

Ollie Hill, LSE Labour Society Chair, London Young Labour Executive

Freddie Seale, London Young Labour, Disabilities Officer

Pat Smith, Hull North Labour CLP secretary

James Doran, Convenor Teesside People’s Assembly

Michael Chessum, journalist


2 thoughts on “Open letter: Stop the anti Trade Union Bill

  1. They give the working man a voice and protection from unfair treatment by unscrupulous employers. How dare you take this away from us! The people you harm today are tomorrow’s voters!


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