Minutes of the London mobilising meeting 30-7-15

Next meeting Wednesday 12th August, Birkbeck room TBC

IER/CTUF #KillTheBill meeting
Gemma reported. She will write a report for the website. We got some contact details and met a few people.
8th August action
– Decided to narrow down given time scale and target IDS on 8th August 12 noon – agreed to do a stunt serving IDS and injunction.
– GS to set up facebook event and start twitter, facebook and website promotion
– GS to speak to John Burgess and Barnet Unison about when/whether to do a stunt at Mike Freer’s office
– Steven to write a press release and DLC to help with press stuff
– Gemma to bring paste table
– DLC to get hold of a wig and gavel
– Steven to make IDS masks
– 7th August 6pm banner/placard making session at IWGB office (venue TBC and Catherine will circulate details)
– Daniel to make a leaflet for the public including stuff about why unions
– Gemma to make placards (to be stuck to cardboard on 7th)
– Catherine to photoshop IDS into the dock for publicity
– Daniel to ring people he knows on Waltham Forest trades council
– Delegated Ruth to ring union branches to get support for demo (and ask them to bring their own leaflets/membership forms for the stall)
Workplace activity
– Becky to make a leaflet to use in workplaces and advertise 8th on back (to be ready by monday)
– Steven to talk to Edd Mustill about making John McDonnell’s petition into a paper petition and putting it on the website
– Agreed to do workplace petitioning and leafletting

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