Jeremy Corbyn on the Right to Strike

Corbyn Right to Strike

Jeremy Corbyn MP, candidate for leader of the Labour Party, has always been a friend of the trade union movement and our right to organise. He has given his support to the campaign:

Trade Union freedom has always been a demand of the Labour Movement, right back to the repeal of the Combination Acts in 1825. Without the freedom to organise, strike and associate, the ability to represent and demand change is constrained.

That is why I will work with the national Campaign for Trade Union Freedom, the branch-based Right to Strike campaign and trade unionists up and down the country to fight the anti trade union laws. The whole theme of the history of trade union activities in Britain has been to protect hard won freedoms and develop the working class movement. Each advance is later met by a set back or repression of Union activities. Attacks on funding, the Taff Vale judgement, imprisonment on conspiracy charges of the Shrewsbury builders, the National Industrial Relations Court, sequestration of funds and the Tory legislation under Thatcher, to those proposed by this government are all part of a continuum. We have our own continuum of brave resistance and defiance and I am proud to be part of that fight.



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